Professional Neurological Therapy in Jackson Heights

As anyone who has experienced or had a loved one go through a stroke or any other type of neurological injury can confirm, this is one of the most serious injuries and something that should be not be underestimated.

At One To One Physical Therapy, we offer a superior neurological therapeutic service that can help people who have suffered a neurological injury continue on their path to recovery. Our professional service is predicated on combining the most advanced neurological therapies with a wealth of experience to deliver a tailored treatment that is second to none. 

As well as a range of more serious neurological conditions, we also do an extensive pre-concussion testing, and this is particularly beneficial for younger athletes (adolescents) who play soccer, football or basketball.

AT One To One Physical Therapy, we use the OrthoNOW service which promotes the highest level of care and a safe return to play for athletes of all ages.

What is Cerebral Contusion?

A cerebral contusion is a form of traumatic brain injury which causes damage to the organ’s tissue. Like many of the bruises in other tissues, a cerebral contusion is associated with multiple micro-hemorrhages and small blood vessel leaks in the brain tissue. While it is hard to say for certain, it is estimated that contusion occurs in 20-30% of severe head injuries.

Although similar to a contusion, a cerebral laceration is a similar injury except that, according to specific definitions, the pia-arachnoid membranes are torn over the site of injury in laceration but not torn in contusion.

What We Do

At One To One Physical Therapy, our neurological and physiotherapy rehabilitation services are designed to help patients of all types make a full recovery from their brain-related injury. In particular, our rehab service is most suitable for patients who are ambulatory (able to walk) but wish to improve their mobility and overall daily function. In this respect, our service includes but is not limited to improving the following aspects:

  1. Enhancing the walking gait and general pattern of our patients
  2. Improving their strength and physical conditioning
  3. Increasing the exercise tolerance, endurance, and activity of our patients
  4. Improving balance
  5. Addressing related orthopedic issues related to their neurological condition

At One To One Physical Therapy, we know that there is no such thing as a typical patient. That is why our extensive range of services are multifaceted and designed to help those who suffer from the following neurological conditions:

  1. Stroke (hemorrhagic, ischemic)
  2. Brain injury (traumatic, post-surgery)
  3. Parkinson’s Disease
  4. Multiple Sclerosis
  5. Guillain-Barre Syndrome

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At One To One Physical Therapy, our physical rehab service is designed to address each individual’s unique impairments in order to maximize physical function and independence. Our dedicated team of physiotherapy specialists is equipped with the skill and expertise needed to address a wide range of neurological needs as you may require them.

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